Free your mind, body and soul with Istanbul festival

Published 25.04.2017 23:12
Updated 25.04.2017 23:14
Free your mind, body and soul with Istanbul festival

Leading figures and experts in the field of mind, body and spirit from across Turkey and the world will meet at Istanbul's Happy Human Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in May

The third Happy Human Mind, Body and Spirit Festival will take place May 5-7 at the Istanbul Congress Center with the participation of important experts and trainers from Turkey and all around the world. The festival will bring together experts from both the academic world and the field of personal development to continue what has become an annual tradition in recent years. Uniting around this year's theme "happiness," are leaders in the fields of personal development, health, psychology, medicine, alternative and complementary medicine, nutrition, mysticism, pulmonary wellness, mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis, homeopathy, phytotherapy, tai chi, feng shui, musicology and music therapy, dance, astrology, bioenergy, detox methods, quantum physics, metaphysics and yoga.

During the festival, participants will learn methods to help them stay happy in their professional and private lives, spousal relations and, most importantly, how to maintain happiness throughout their lives. Festival coordinator Gülferi Yıldırım offered more detailed information, noting that the event offers comprehensive coverage in the areas of health, natural lifestyle and personal development.

"Instead of complaining about the negativity in the world around us, we all have good things and positive goals to work on for ourselves and positive contributions to make to the world. We create everything we experience; whether physical or emotional, with our own choices. While unhappiness can spread throughout society like an illness, we can see in our lives that when we choose happiness, it grows the same. Happiness is contagious. We, as a society, have witnessed and experienced the events in which our energy has fallen, we have been demoralized and we have been in despair," Yıldırım said. "Of course, it is not possible to forget and ignore these experiences. However, if we encircle our body and spirit with positive energy and reflect this to our surroundings, we will enlarge the ring of positivity individually and increase our social effectiveness. Here, each individual participating in this festival will learn both how to embark on their inner journey and how to expand their area of positive influence."

Formidable figures from the academic world and the field of personal development will offer various seminars and workshops at the festival. These include psychiatrist and professor Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, Sufi researcher Cemalnur Sargut, complementary medicine and neural therapy specialist professor Hüseyin Nazlıkul, natural medicine and ayurveda specialist Dr. Ender Saraç, phytotherapy and acupuncture specialist Dr. Ümit Aktaş, hypnotherapy and EFT specialist Dr. Bülent Uran, homeopathy specialist Dr. Levent Buda, cardio-yoga-meditation expert Dr. Neslihan İskit, author of "Aynada Seni Gördüm" (I Saw You In the Mirror) and "Bir Güven Meselesi" (It's A Matter of Trust) and leader of Heal Your Life Turkey Aylin Algun, ayurveda and ancient breathing techniques expert Ebru Şinik, the author of "Kadın Olmak" (Being A Woman) and relationship coach Hande Akın, motivational and life coach Yeliz Rüzgar, reiki master and breathing coach Alegra Bernardete, akashic life coach Arzum Koyuncu and Tibetan sound healing practitioner and personal transformation coach Sırma Belin.

With capacity to host a large number of visitors in the exhibition area, the festival will also hold seminars and workshops at four different salons, bringing together important names in the medical and personal development fields with organizations producing products and services that respect human beings, nature and existence. By using various techniques in the workshop programs, participants will learn how to balance their relationships with themselves and their surroundings, develop abundance aw

areness, set career and business goals, and preserve and exist in inner peace. In addition to trainers and consulting firms, the festival will also host companies in various areas ranging from food to clothing, natural cosmetics to jewelry, feng shui objects to perfume. University students and visitors over the age of 65 will receive discounted entry.

The Happy Human Mind, Body and Spirit Festival aims to become a meeting point for people who are filled with the desire to discover the inner power within themselves and open themselves up to attaining the life of their dreams. Noting that this year's program features a carefully-selected mix, Yıldırım said that the venue will provide important opportunities for those who conduct studies in the psychological and spiritual fields and want to develop or introduce themselves. "With the participation of guests from the academic world, we will regard the human being in the context of physical, mental and spiritual integrity. With free seminars and workshops that address knowledge and experien

ce at every level, participants will have the opportunity to increase their energy levels and open new doors for themselves in life," Yıldırım added.

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