Turkish Airlines project prioritizes best flight experience

Published 07.06.2017 21:41
Updated 08.06.2017 00:10
Turkish Airlines project prioritizes best flight experience

Turkish Airlines (THY) has initiated a new project called "Fly Good Feel Good" to enable its guests to experience the best trip of their lives.

With short videos on cabin exercises, sleep patterns, yoga and meditation broadcast on board as well as on the official website of THY, the project aims to guide passengers to experience a relaxed flight. Each subject is explained and demonstrated by experts led by Daily Sabah writer Dr. Halit Yerebakan.

As a part of the first phase of the project, a total of nine informative videos have been filmed. The videos include advice on how to deal with allergies, traveling with children, traveling while pregnant, dehydration, jet lag, blocked noses, gas and bloating, as well as massage and exercises. THY also plans to add new videos in addition to the first nine in the project and continue to give tips for a better flight experience.

Under the "Fly Good Feel Good" project, THY has also initiated the "Flying Doctor" practice as well. The volunteer-based project enables physicians who are registered with THY to gain extra miles on their flights. When a doctor is needed on board, THY personnel will ask for a help from these doctors who have previously registered in the "Flying Doctor" program.

For further information on the "Fly Good Feel Good" project, you can ask for information from the project counter at the THY lounge or the official website of the project www.flygoodfeelgood.com.

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