Turkish inventions aim to make life easier

Published 08.08.2017 21:52

Be it a carpet that induces happiness, a coffee maker that prevents overflow, or a fabric that heats up in winter, patent applications made with the Turkish Patent Institute showcase the innovative side of the Turkish mind.

Making perfect Turkish coffee is an art but for most people preventing the coffee from overflowing is a major challenge. Enter the newly invented Turkish coffee maker that prevents overflow. Instead, it signals once the coffee is done and stops the heat so it does not overflow.

Thanks to another Turkish inventor, a carpet can now help you relax at work or home. This carpet is fitted with microcapsules filled with natural essences that contain endorphins also known as the happiness hormone. Whenever someone walks on it, the essences are released, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Do you want your T-shirt to heat up during the cold of winter? A new invention aims to do just that using low voltages. A Turkish inventor has come up with an idea of a fabric that can be used for clothes and even for outdoor uses. It can help cut heating costs and create sustainable solutions.

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