Pelicans offer exceptional sight on northeastern border

Published 22.08.2017 00:13
Updated 22.08.2017 00:14
Pelicans offer exceptional sight on northeastern border

The pelican colony living on Aktaş Lake, a body of water shared by Turkey and Georgia, offers a unique experience for spectators from both countries.

Covering a 27-square-kilometer (10-square-mile) area on the Turkey-Georgia border, 14 square kilometers of Aktaş Lake is located in Turkey's Ardahan's Çıldır district, while the remaining 13 square kilometers sits in Georgia.

The islands on the lake host white pelicans, a species native to the area, as well as Dalmatian pelicans.

Hundreds of pelicans live on the islands located at an altitude about 800 meters (2,600 feet), creating an unforgettable and rare sight.

The pelicans on the lake, one of the most prominent pelican habitats in Turkey, create mesmerizing scenery as they fly uninhibited back and forth across the border.

Aktaş Lake is a wetland of international importance, and the only spot in Turkey where Dalmatian and white pelicans proliferate together.

Currently, Lake Aktaş hosts around 700-800 pelicans. The birds usually start appearing in the early spring, settling on 13 of the lake's islands to spend the warm months feeding on the lake's fish.

The lake's pelicans generally start to migrate on Oct. 15, paralleling the arrival of cooler weather. The late arrivals raise their chicks later in the season, however, and tend to migrate to other regions to spend winter.

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