Californians reportedly put sunscreen on their eyes during eclipse

Published 30.08.2017 00:00

Experts warned to wear special glasses to protect the eyes during last week's eclipse, which was observed in North America. However, it seems like Californians carried these precautions one step further. Several people in California have reportedly been treated by ophthalmologists this week after attempting to view the eclipse by putting sunscreen directly onto their eyes.

According to a local newspaper, a California native nurse said many checked in to the hospital due to eye irritation following the eclipse, as they put sunscreen onto their eyes to protect them.

To observe a solar eclipse, one needs to use special eclipse glasses or solar viewers that contain solar filters. Without proper eye protection, looking directly at the sun can cause serious eye damage. Yet, putting sunscreen, which features labels warning people not to get the product in their eyes, is not one of the precautions.

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