Avoid headaches with minor adjustments to your lifestyle

Published 07.09.2017 02:17
Updated 07.09.2017 02:20
Avoid headaches with minor adjustments to your lifestyle

Caused by various physical and psychological reasons, headaches can turn your life into a nightmare especially when it becomes chronic. However, you can prevent them with minor adjustments to your lifestyle like consuming food that increase endorphin levels and rearranging your sleep routine

A regular and sufficient sleep is of high importance for human health. If you don't get enough sleep, the following day will be extremely difficult for you. Falling asleep at the wrong time, concentration difficulties and nervousness are just a few of the problems you can face during the day. Sleep disorders are categorized under three titles: night insomnia, excessive sleep and daytime sleep caused by night insomnia.

These three groups are just the main titles and they may be caused by various factors. The most problematic complaint caused by sleep disorders is headaches. It is a problem that can affect social life. So much so, that there are times when it cannot be cured with medicine. Headaches may bring problems that are lost to ignorance. Migraines come in the first row among these problems. If you wake up with a headache or it starts a short time after you get up, it must be investigated. Also physiological factors may be caused by uncontrollable agents like noise.


To be able to conduct its daily functions, the human body needs approximately seven to eight hours of sleep. If you sleep less than this, your body turns on the panic buttons. Changing the settings of your biological clock may result in quickened heart rate, high blood tension and stress, all of which trigger headaches.

Some pain killers may be helpful in relieving a headache; however, you must see your doctor before using them. In addition to their relieving function, painkillers may also have side effects. Also, you should take the painkiller advised by your doctor on a full stomach. Taking pain killers on an empty stomach may cause serious problems. If you are still feeling bad despite the painkiller, take a 20-30 minute nap. It would be wise to set your alarm as sleeping more than half an hour may also cause headaches.

Excessive Sleeping

Like insomnia, excessive sleeping is also something that triggers headaches. Studies show that sleeping more than nine hours causes a decrease in serotonin levels in the brain. Low serotonin levels, on the other hand, trigger headaches by slowing down blood circulation. This kind of headache is mostly seen on the weekends as people are prone to sleep more than normal.

One of the most prominent reasons of Monday syndrome is the adaptation problem caused by the disturbed sleep routine. Setting an alarm is needed for the weekends. If you wake up early on weekdays, you may want to set your clock an hour later than normal for the weekend.

The hormone of happiness

Low endorphin levels may affect neurotransmitters like serotonin, which causes narrowing in the brain blood vessels. Studies conducted by the Dallas Migraine Treatment Center show that endorphin levels are low in the early hours of the morning. Factors like depression, anxiety and stress decrease endorphin levels. Consuming bananas, strawberries, grapes and ice cream, especially in the summer months, increases endorphin levels. Nuts and bitter chocolate also help increase endorphin levels to some extent.

Sleep Apnea

A common disease in recent years, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, or sleep apnea in colloquial language, is a serious illness that can even result in sudden death during sleep. The most prominent symptom of it is loud snoring. People with sleep apnea experience respiratory standstill throughout the night. A correct diagnosis is also important as well as curing sleep apnea. People who think they may have the disease should immediately apply to a center specializing in sleep disorders.


Caffeine is a slight medicine stimulating the neural system. Spending 12-24 hours without drinking coffee may result in waking up with a regular headache. Running out of caffeine causes sudden aneurysms in the brain's blood vessels. As a result, the brain experiences excessive blood flow that causes headache. In addition, this process may irritate the nerve endings that trigger the pain centers in the brain. You can consume a cup of sugar-free Turkish coffee an hour after the breakfast instead of drinking it as soon as you get up. Studies show that Turkish coffee has an appetite suppressant effect. You can also trigger the diuretic effect of Turkish coffee by consuming it with plenty of water.


A depression headache may occur at any hour during the day. The reason behind this is that depression is related to seriously low serotonin levels. If you think that you are depressed, see your doctor. Antidepressants or therapy may help you in coping with headache problems and reacquiring your normal sleep routine.


High blood tension caused by high blood pressure is one of the factors that can trigger headaches. Most of us are not aware of the situation as a headache is the only symptom. If you have frequent morning headaches without any reason, you must see your doctor. Your doctor may advise some changes in your lifestyle, particularly diet and exercise.


There are some diseases that are generally cured by surgical operations and listed in the responsibility of ear nose and throat specialists. Diseases such as allergic sniffles, nasal bone curvature, sinusitis, soft palate, swollen uvula or uvular prolapse, structural abnormalities in the chin, snoring and respiratory problems during sleep may cause sleep disorders. Do not underestimate these symptoms, even if it is just snoring. There may be serious reasons behind it.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Faced when the person is about to fall asleep, restless legs syndrome can be described as a constant desire to move the legs along with a feeling of pins and needles. As the person gets rid of the complaints temporarily by moving their legs, he or she is in constant movement. Making it extremely difficult to fall asleep, this illness prevents the person from sleeping no matter how sleepy he is. This neurological disease generally brings another disease called periodic leg movement with it.

Neurological Diseases

It is generally easy to cope with morning headaches. However, these headaches may be symptoms of serious problems like a brain tumor or aneurysm. If you often have headaches (especially in the early hours of the morning) you must see a doctor.

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