Lake in northeastern Turkey sanctuary for wild ducks

KARS, Turkey
Published 10.09.2017 22:46
Updated 10.09.2017 22:47
Lake in northeastern Turkey sanctuary for wild ducks

Located in Keklik in Kars' Sarıkamış district, Duck Lake is home to wild ducks, the ruddy Shel ducks and many other bird species. Offering shelter and proliferation opportunities to various duck and bird species all year-round, Duck Lake transformed into a heavenly beauty along with the arrival of autumn.

Located 10 kilometers away from the city center, the lake hosts countless Shel ducks, wild ducks and various bird species throughout all four seasons. The mother ducks teach their ducklings how to swim and search for food, and the ducklings, which grew up during autumn, offer spectators a visual feast, so to speak.

An employer of the fish farm located nearby the lake, Kasım Gündüz, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) saying that with its natural beauties and wild life, Sarıkamış is one of the favorite spots in the Eastern Anatolian region.

Stating that Duck Lake offers brand new beauty every season, Gündüz said, "The ducklings, which hatched about two months ago, grew up by learning how to swim, fly and find food. We help them to find shelter and protect them from poachers. Now, the ducks find food, fly and enjoy swimming." On the other hand, ducks swimming on the lake under the sunset offer a splendid scene.

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