Bighearted woman dedicates life to stray animals

AYDIN, Turkey
Published 13.09.2017 00:31
Bighearted woman dedicates life to stray animals

Some people have very big hearts with room for everyone. They are willing to give even if it's little bit. Funda Küçük is one of those people who is used to putting other's need ahead of her own.

A 38-year-old bank employer living in Aydın, Küçük has dedicated her life to caring for stray dogs. Every day after work for the last 18 years, she walks around every street in her neighborhood, feeds the dogs and takes the ones in need of medical care to the vet. She is also a good friend to cats as well. She feeds stray animals in 50 different areas of the city.

In the last five years, Küçük and her friends have medically helped about 500 dogs and found homes to around 1,000 stray animals in Aydın. Küçük covers all the expenses out of her own pocket. "I spent most of my money on these adorable animals. When I ran out of money, I sold my car. If my path did not cross with some of these animals, maybe most of them would be dead by now. I have shouldered the duty of taking care of these animals. I have to take care and help them live," she said.

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