Hygiene company names soap after Kim Jong Un, gets ridiculed

Published 03.10.2017 19:52

It all began when personal hygiene brand Unilever introduced its new soap "KJU," deigned by a South Korean for the shelves of the Chinese market. As soon as the brand was launched, it turned out that the name stood for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The line, with scents like "Romancy Rosy," has been six months in the making.

"It was only after we trademarked it that I realized that it also stood for Kim Jong Un, but never mind," Alan Jope, Unilever's head of personal care, said at a Thursday meeting with investors according to Bloomberg.

When the line's name "KJU" is searched on Google, the first thing that people find is the North Korean leader. On the other hand, #KJU has become a trending hashtag in Twitter following the feud between Kim Jong Un and the U.S. President Donald Trump.

After making a statement to calm the water, everybody is waiting for what will be the company's next move, after such a fall back.

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