How to spend a day off in Nişantaşı

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 06.10.2017 20:47
Updated 06.10.2017 20:48
How to spend a day off in Nişantaşı

One of the fanciests of Istanbul's districts, Nişantaşı is always dynamic with elegant venues, cafes and restaurants, so here are some suggestions to keep up with where to go and what to eat

When it comes to fashion and flavor in Istanbul, the first stop that comes to mind is its Nişantaşı district. From fashion boutiques, haute-couture stores and jewelers to restaurants and the city's most trendy cafes can all be found in this neighborhood. The historic Teşvikiye mosque and the Nişantaşı obelisk that gave the neighborhood its name are the other elements adding value to the district.

The first stop I would like to suggest in Nişantaşı is the Atiye Street, home to the district's most popular spots. One of the newest addition to the list is Muse, managed by Ersin Süzer. With tables outside, a cream-color decoration and its proximity to the main street, the Muse reminded me of the chic bistros in Paris and Barcelona.

I would suggest it for lunch or coffee breaks. In the evening, on the other hand, its cocktail bar is worth a try after a delicious meal.

The first things that caught my eye on its menu are the hot appetizers. You can also try the seafood platter. The calamari is wonderful.

My suggestion for the main dish, on the other hand, would be the beef tenderloin with Café de Paris sauce. The sauce has a perfect consistency while the French fries served with it are the thinnest I have ever seen in my life.

I must also admit that the plates at the Muse are also very chic. After a success story in Bodrum this summer, Süzer has now brought his expertise to Istanbul.

For those who love meze, Ahali in Topağacı can be a fresh experience. With its motto: "Your Neighborhood's Meze Bar," Ahali is considered a shared meze bar that offers a mix of the modern and nostalgic food culture.

You can taste their modern versions of traditional mezes on a long marble bar in the place's warm and sincere atmosphere. Its white and green decoration is very elegant. Especially the green tiles on the wall and the little lambs on the counter are beautiful tiny details. The garden in the back is also quite relaxing and fun. The place's logo, on the other hand, is very creative. Thumbs up!

When it comes to meals, there is a something for everyone at Ahali. The crispy baby shrimp dish with berry sauce on top was really delicious. The mixing of a sour taste with shrimp turned out to be superb.

Corn meze served in a corn cob was also delightful. Out of the deserts, on the other hand, you must try the homemade raspberry ice-cream with salty caramel sauce. It will take you back to your childhood.

All of Ahali's offerings were very creative, both in terms of their flavors and serving style. I would like to congratulate chef Tuğba Yazıcı, manager Bergutay Kınalı, and the owners.

Although it is an old spot, there is always something new going on at the Sofa Hotel, one of the most favorite hotels in the district. General manager Cantekin Temizer has given the Sofa Hotel a new life bringing in some innovative ideas.

Accordingly, its giant doors are going to be removed soon, a restaurant set up will be introduced, and the entrance will be connected directly to the street. This way, Sofa Hotel will get even more integrated with Nişantaşı's street life. I am sure it is going to become a very popular socializing spot once the renovation work is finished.

The real change in Sofa Hotel, on the other hand, will be in corporate development. It is the first hotel that joined the Marriott International's Autograph Collection, which has a number of qualified hotels under its roof. It has earned the title thanks to its attention to quality service, pleasant accommodation, central location, modern design, food art, and other technical details.

Currently, there are a total of 125 hotels in the Autograph Collection from 30 countries around the world. I would like to congratulate Sofa Hotel on their success.

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