Cats descend on Istanbul to compete in cuteness

Published 31.10.2017 00:00
Cats descend on Istanbul to compete in cuteness

One-hundred-twenty-two different breeds of cat from around Turkey and abroad competed to be chosen as the most beautiful cat in the Cat Contest that was held on Saturday.

Organized with cooperation from The International Cat Association (TICA), which operates in 104 countries worldwide, and the Felinology Association, the first cat contest of Turkey was held at Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall.

At the contest, 122 cats appeared before the jury, which included Jane Allen, Vlada Beninya and Valentine Tessens.

In the contest, the Bengal cat of Canadian participant Marie Eve Bedard, who lives in Lebanon, came first under the category of Best Adult Cat.

Under the category of Best Kitten, a Burmese of Nadezda Paltseva, who came from Russia, came first. For Best Neutered Cat, the cat of Britain's Anna Dalkılıç, a Turkish citizen of Russian origin, was awarded the championship. Under the category of Best Domestic Cat, Rüveyda Yılmaz's cat, which she found on the street and adopted, came first.

The cats that came first at the contest were awarded cat-scratching houses.

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