Six apps to make life easier for parents

Six apps to make life easier for parents

Having a newborn can be exhausting, but technology is here to help and there is a number of mobile apps that can help parents when they need it the most

Despite being fussy and exhausting, a happier life begins for parents as soon as their baby opens his or her beautiful eyes to the world. Tired days are followed by sleepless nights, especially when the couple has to go to work and do chores while changing diapers and visiting the family doctor. This bittersweet lifestyle looks for any kind of help that would ease the heavy burden on the new parents' shoulders.

Thankfully, technology is here to help. As our most personal devices, smartphones now have applications that will surely make the life of new parents easier. Looking for an application that will make up for the missing details in your frenzied moments? Look no further! These mobile apps range from reference guides to problem-solving tools, and all are available for you.

Budu - A mobile activity register for babiesThe moment you waited for 40 weeks finally ended with a happy birth. Everything is smooth; you start to feed your baby. In the first days, it is vital to monitor the baby's nutrition, sleep cycle, and excrement, among other things. However, it is difficult for parents who are trying to recover their routine after the birth to record all this info on a regular basis.

Budu provides a huge convenience in such cases. This app allows you to keep track of nursing and pumping sides, start times, durations, bottle feedings, and amounts. You can even set reminders for future feedings. Parents can keep track of diaper changes, change times, contents as well as sleeping times and durations. The app has the World Health Organization (WHO) growth charts so that you can compare height, weight, and head size records for your baby to the global averages.

Day One - Baby journal with image supportFrom the start of your childcare journey, you can photograph each movement of your baby and record it with small notes to a journal you create on Day One. This is a journalism app, but it fits perfectly in the life of new dads and moms. In addition to location and date info, Day One automatically keeps a variety of details, such as the weather for that day. It creates a reference center where you can quickly look back and remember the details you have forgotten, which can become your child's visual development calendar over time.

Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki - Sleepy sounds for babiesYou're lucky if you have not heard the word "colic" up until now. There are many reasons for this mysterious and distressing ailment, only known by parents who have faced long-term crying episodes in the first months of their parenting. Solutions differ among babies, but whether it's colic or not, the behavioral approach of parents is essential to calm the baby during these crying sessions. The solution often comes in the form of white noise, such as washing machines, hair dryers or vacuum cleaners. But you don't need to turn on any machinery. Imitating all these sounds with mobile applications is easy.

Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki uses different voices to help crying babies calm down and help them go to sleep. The namesake instrument of the app, "bouzouki," also provides calming notes for parents.

Sworkit - Workout on tight schedulesRocking the baby to sleep should be counted as a workout itself, right? Sadly, your body won't agree after a few months. Even if it's a bit toned down, you need to do your regular exercise for many reasons. Fitness apps like Sworkit allow quick workout routines, strength or yoga-focused training and visual explanations you can use on the go. The best part of these applications is most of them provide an extensive range of body weight exercises. This kind of workout requires no extra equipment, so they're perfect for new parents who don't have the time to hit the gym.

Getir - Diapers at your door within minutesA common nightmare among parents involves desperately searching for diapers with the correct size after all the stores have closed. Getir is a mobile app and service that was developed by a Turkish startup to address such problems. You can order anything you would usually find at your local convenience store, from dispenser size water to diapers and baby wipes. It uses the GPS on your smartphone to confirm your exact location then delivers your order within minutes. You can see the estimated delivery time before putting in your order, and it works on a 24/7 basis for most service areas. So, no more diaper-hunting in cold winter nights.

Picniic - Mobile family organizerIt's the parents' responsibility to organize life in a family. From planning the dinner to buying gifts for your kid's best friend, you need to manage every little detail. Oh, and don't forget the doctor's appointments, shopping lists, parents' meetings.

Picniic is a "family organizer" app that helps parents divide the workload among family members. All family members, and even caregivers. can easily access Picniic via their smartphones to keep everyone organized and on the same page. The app features a family locator to track your loved ones in real-time, a shared family calendar, shopping lists, grocery lists, recipe tips, meal planners, and information lockers, among other things.

Other useful apps

No matter which smartphone you use, there is a myriad of parent-friendly apps that will make your life much easier as a parent. Both the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iPhone and iPad) offers categories specifically designed for parents. Do not be afraid to try the new apps, they can dramatically improve your lifestyle.

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