How to achieve the effortless 'no makeup makeup' look

Published 09.01.2018 23:01
Updated 10.01.2018 00:15
How to achieve the effortless 'no makeup makeup' look

Achieving a full face of glam every day is a hard task, and sometimes women just want a simple look that highlights their natural beauty by embracing the concept of less is more

A good old, full glam makeup with full coverage base and dramatic eye look is favorable to most makeup lovers. However, although it is acceptable to do whatever your heart desires when it comes to makeup, not all of us have an excuse to go out with such a look every day. In everyday life, we still want some makeup, but one that is a little toned down, less eye-catching and more natural, which is famously known these days as the "no makeup makeup" look.The "no makeup makeup" look initially means to not look like you are wearing any makeup, while actually wearing quite a bit. The main purpose of any makeup is, as a matter of fact, to recreate your natural beauty in a more "perfected" way.

For example, when you go out, the sun naturally shines on the high points of your face. Thus, with makeup, you recreate that process by applying highlighter on your cheeks, brow bones, cupid's bow, and other parts you wish to highlight on your face. Similarly, your cheeks have a natural color to them, which, should also be recreated after applying foundation to bring back that natural beauty. However, today, makeup is an art and goes way beyond its initial purpose and creates some masterpieces with loads of glamour. The "no makeup makeup" look is the look that is closest to the initial purpose of makeup, perfecting your natural beauty.

The main component of the "no makeup makeup" look is to avoid any heavy face makeup. Although personal preferences take place when it comes to covering your skin, to be as close to natural as possible, skipping the foundation step and replacing it with a CC or BB cream, which offer light coverage, is quite helpful. If you have any acne, dark spots, discoloration or any scars that you desire to cover, using a lightweight concealer instead of foundation would not only preserve your naturalness, but it will also let your skin breath more.

Another key point to looking natural while wearing makeup is to use cream products instead of powders. Although powders are very helpful in both setting and smoothing the skin, they can easily make your face look cakey. This is valid not only for all face powders, but also any powder-form products, including blushes, highlighters and bronzers. Hence, using a setting spray instead of a face powder might be a better option to keep your face looking as natural as possible. Similarly, replacing your other powder products with their cream versions is also quite helpful. A cream highlight gives you a glow from within while a cream blush gives you baby pink cheeks immediately. A cream bronzer, however, is the perfect trick to give the illusion of a tanned, "just returned from a sunny vacation" face. Yet, a downside to cream products is having to blend them seamlessly, which might be quite difficult as you need to be careful to use them in the perfect quantity and they should be blended immediately to prevent them from drying. Another important factor to keep in mind is to choose products with a little bit of shine to give your skin a natural glow, since it is naturally shining thanks to the inner and outer dynamics.

When it comes to the eyes, less is more for natural makeup. The crucial element here is a mascara that gives you volume and length but not a lot of drama. Avoiding eyeshadow and tight-lining your eyes with a pencil close to your eye color not only avoids any over-the-top appearance, but also further emphasizes your natural beauty, as your eye color would appear brighter with the tight-line trick. For instance, if you have green eyes, lining your eyes with a green eyeliner would make your eyes look greener than they are.

Last but certainly not least, the lips should be accentuated with a soft touch. As it is probably one of the most attention-grabbing part of your makeup process, it is quite easy to do too much on the lips and instantly turn your look from daytime to nighttime glam. To avoid this situation, it is better to be safe than sorry, meaning that one should lean toward colors that are closer to your natural lip color, which is usually a nude color. However, choosing the perfect nude may be one of the trickiest processes for a makeup lover and novice. Thus, trying a wide range of nude colors, including ones with peachy undertones and pinky undertones, would be very beneficial for an everyday "no makeup makeup" look. Besides, rather than going with a matte look, choosing a semi-matte, satin or even a shiny lipstick helps achieve a more natural look just like with face makeup.

No makeup is superior to your natural look. Yet, this fact is not an obstacle to wear makeup or still desiring to look natural when wearing it. Although it seems contradictory in nature, the "no makeup makeup" look is the perfect trick for those who want to wear makeup on a daily basis while emphasizing their natural beauty.

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