Welcome wedding season with fresh bridal makeup

Published 14.03.2018 00:17
Updated 14.03.2018 16:29
Welcome wedding season with fresh bridal makeup

Spring heralds the beginning of the official wedding season when brides don their special gown and makeup for a glowing and youthful look

Finally, it is that time of year again. The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are smiling from the top of the trees. It is spring, the season that everyone suddenly feels happier, freer and more ready to get married! So much so, that the wedding season is another name for spring. It is the perfect time to have a perfect wedding for multiple reasons. Yes, there is sun but there is no humidity to make you sick of yourself. There is the occasional rain but nothing to bring the storms along with itself. The grass turns green again and gets covered with colorful flowers, which creates an excuse to have an outdoor ceremony instead of being stuck inside. Last, but certainly not least, since the weather is in perfect condition, a spring bride has the chance to wear whatever she wants as her wedding gown without any worries of getting too cold or hot. All of these beauties, however, need to be spiced up with suitable makeup that has fresh spring vibes while also paying attention to emphasize the classical bridal look that looks good on almost anyone.

The number one rule to have a typical bridal makeup look is to bring out your innocence while preserving your femininity at the same time. Thus, fresh looks with soft colors is an ideal formula that never goes wrong. Peachy-pinky colors are the safe route to reach that look. Do not forget, you need to look as natural and innocent as possible for a person who wears a lot of shiny makeup. Shiny is the perfect word to describe your look since glowing products will be our top choice in doing bridal makeup. First of all, you need an illuminated face to imitate that baby face look. In order to achieve it, use an illuminating primer and foundation that is also full coverage. The latter is quite important since there is no place for flaws on a wedding day, which is why covering up your entire face is crucial for a flawless look.

Our model without makeup (L) and with the final look (R).

The same thing goes for your concealer as well, which, a bride should not hesitate to go in with a heavy hand since the under eyes are the one tricky place to conceal that tiredness, stress and complexity of all those years. Use the baking technique to enable your look to last all day long, throughout the whole wedding. It is a technique that one takes loose or pressed powder heavily on a brush or beauty sponge and applies it to the areas that the concealer was applied initially. If you have drier skin, you may use less product but if you have oily skin, use as much powder as you can, wait for five minutes, and then wipe away the powder. You will now have a face that stays as is for hours. Since your ultimate desire as a bride is to extend the wear time of your makeup as much as possible, use cream contour before your power contour. This technique will also help you to have more chiseled face features.

Then, set your entire face with powder again to make sure that everything is in place. For your cheeks, use a shimmery peachy or pinky blush to keep that shine on your face while flashing your cheekbones. However, do not use it too much as you want to stay away from looking like Snow White. Remember, you are not Snow White, you are only the bride. When it comes to highlight, however, you can do whatever you could not do with your blush. Do your best to have a highlighted face that can be detected even from space. The last step for a bridal base is to use a shimmery bronzer all around your face including on top of your nose to give color to your face. Be the bride who loves the sunshine a lot and enjoys having a face that is colored by it.

The eyes are the place that we need to underline the innocence since they are the ones that always reveal the truth. Start with a peachy nude transition shade and slowly build it up on your crease. Then, go with a darker and pinker color and put it a bit lower than your transition shade. Blend it out carefully with the transition color while building it up slowly. Then, use an even darker color for the outer corner, a dark pink with a brown undertone, which might be hard to find and that is why you can always mix and match your eyeshadows and achieve your own desired shade. For your eyelid, make a full-on cut crease by using your concealer. Take your concealer from the inner realm of your eye to the outer corner of your eye and create an empty canvas.

This will help your shimmery eyelid colors to show up more and create a more defined eye look. Now, take a peachy shimmery cream eyeshadow and apply it to the whole canvas. This will act as an eyeshadow primer and help the longevity of the eyeshadows. Then, wet your brush and apply a peachy shimmery color again but this time in a powder form on top of that cream eyeshadow. Take a brighter, lighter shimmery shade and apply it to the very middle of your eyelid, as well as your inner corners and brow bones. For the lower lash line, imitate what you did on your crease by applying those pinky and peachy shades. Lastly, apply a nude eye pencil to the inner part of your lower lash line to imitate bigger eyes with even more innocence. For the lips, as long as you go with a pinky or peachy nude, you are fine. Now, it is guaranteed that there is no bride that fits the spring season more than you!

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