Turkish culture in Thrace promoted in capital

Published 16.04.2018 23:08
Updated 16.04.2018 23:09

The history, tourism, social and cultural aspects of the old Ottoman capital Edirne that influenced poetry, hosted Ottoman art and has been mentioned in books, the provinces of Kırklareli and Tekirdağ will enliven the capital Ankara with the promotion days of the region that will be organized at the Atatürk Cultural Center between April 19 and 22. The First Thrace Promotion Days, which is held with the collaboration of the Trakya Development Agency, Foundation of Thracians and Ruan Fair Organization, will bring famous meals from the region and traditions together with people in the capital.

A similar event to "Bocuk Night," which is a thousand-year-old traditional part of Turkish culture and dates back to the Middle Ages, will take place at the First Thrace Introductory Days. Legend says that on this night, which is a symbol of the hardest night of winter, a human-like creature in white called Bocuk wanders and does not harm the houses where zucchini is cooked. Crepes are also prepared for this night when families, neighbors and relatives come together. Youth scare their neighbors, wearing sheets and saying, "Bocuk is coming." It is also believed that if a piece of wood thrown in water in a house is found frozen the next morning, the family in the house will be healthy and strong throughout the year.

Folk Dances, Wrestling

Visitors will witness colorful scenes at Kakava Festival, which is called "Hıdırellez" in Thrace and reflects the joy and enthusiasm of tens of thousands of people who enjoy the region and fire shows. Roma folk dances also will make people experience entertaining moments. The Cumhuriyet Kadınları Korosu (Republic Women's Choir) consisting of 40 women between the ages of 40 and 80 will sing various songs. While the Edirne Municipality Band, which is one of the oldest municipality bands in Turkey, performs, the sound of the clarinet will enchant listeners. Oil wrestling matches by Edirne's Kırkpınar wrestlers, which is an ancestral sport with legendary roots, will be acted out as well.

600-year-old works of art

Edirnekari art, which is a 600-year-old ornamental art created by artisans from Edirne in the second part of the 15th century, will be presented for the interest of visitors. Broom-making, one of the oldest crafts in Edirne, handmade soaps from the region and traditional meals -such as Tekirdağ meat, Edirne liver, cheese halva, marzipan, famous Kavala cookies, Thracian varieties of cheese and sucuk, the indigenous drink hardaliye, and milk and dairy products -will also be brought to Ankara for the promotional days.

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