Climate change affecting people's choice of attire

Published 16.05.2018 00:00

Global climate change is affecting people's choice of clothing as the transitions between the seasons get increasingly blurred.

Instead of clothing for particular seasons, consumers now prefer clothes and shoes that can be worn throughout the year.

In countries like Turkey, where all four seasons can be seen, clothing choices have changed dramatically. While Turkey saw some harsh winter conditions last year, this year there was hardly any snowfall at all.

As a result, more and more people preferred to layer up instead of putting on cashmere and wool jumpers.

Hadi Karasu, chairman of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that cashmere, wool coats and tweed jackets did not sell well this year. Consumers, instead of focusing on clothes for particular seasons, bought thinner items that can be worn all year round.

Fashion brands are also focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly products because of climate change.

Karasu said brands are working on new manufacturing technologies that do not use water, limit energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions.

After decades of changing trends, it seems the fashion world has finally bowed to the changes in demand brought on by global warming.

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