George Clooney injured in scooter accident in Italy's Sardinia, released from hospital

Published 10.07.2018 13:07
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IHA Photo

The American actor and director George Clooney was injured in a scooter accident on the Italian island of Sardinia where he is working on a miniseries, Italian media reported on Tuesday.

Clooney, 57, had just left his hotel on a motor scooter when he crashed into a small truck, Italy's Chi magazine said on its website. He was taken to hospital with a possible injury to his hip, state news agency Ansa said.

The John Paul II hospital in Olbia said Clooney was released Tuesday. Local media that had gathered at the hospital said Clooney is believed to have left through a side exit.

Local police are investigating the accident, Ansa said.

Police had no immediate information. Calls and emails to Clooney's spokesman weren't immediately returned.

Clooney is in Sardinia to film a miniseries based on Joseph Heller's book "Catch 22", the news agency said.

Clooney has a home on the Italian mainland, on Lake Como.

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