Breathing new life into discarded classics

ÇORLU, Turkey
Published 31.07.2018 00:32

An automobile design company in Çorlu brings scrapped, classic and older vehicles back to life.

The 32-year-old general director of the company, Dinçer Zorlu, started redesigning classic and scrapped cars as a hobby years ago. People bring the cars to him for restoration from different regions of Turkey. Zorlu also joins various cultural and sports events with his renovated and serviced cars.

It takes between two to five months to refurbish the cars.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Zorlu said they have been redesigning luxury cars for more than 35 years in Çorlu, adding they have also been working on some of the classic cars as a hobby for a few years.

He said, nowadays, classic cars are becoming very popular and there is a growing appreciation for the classics. "Now, there are a lot more people appreciating the past. Classic cars have become more popular. There is a huge demand for restored cars from the 1940s. Many [people] contact us on the internet and social media, and we can hardly keep up with the demand. It's hard to find old masters to do these all."

He said, in total, the company has restored 46 scrapped or classic cars.

"We took a scrapped 1993 automobile and transformed it into an off-road vehicle. We redesign the whole vehicle, including the engine, frame, interior and wheels. Most people want these cars to perform like their newer, faster modern counterparts. With its substructure, gearbox and brake system, people want to use it with new technology. They want a music system with a USB and a CD player. We include it all."

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