Look at the sky for the best air stunt show in Turkey

Published 09.09.2018 20:44 Modified 09.09.2018 20:45
Look at the sky for the best air stunt show in Turkey

The Sivrihisar Airshow, one of Turkey's biggest, will be held in the northwestern province of Eskişehir on Sept. 15 and Sept. 16.

The event will kick off early in the morning at the Sivrihisar International Sportive Aviation Center on Sept. 15.

It will feature Turkey's first stunt pilot Ali İsmet Öztürk and his daughter Semin Öztürk, Turkey's first female stunt pilot.

Apart from Turkish pilots, the event will also feature internationally renowned stunt pilots, including Dutchman Frank van Houten, German Tim Tibo, American stunt pilot Mark Murphy and British plane and helicopter pilot Bob Pooler.

Turkish Air Force solo aerobatics display team, SOLOTÜRK, which uses state-of-the-art F-16 fighter jets, will also be present at the airshow.

Apart from the shows, the event will also host panel sessions and informative conferences on aviation. Entry to the event will be free of charge.

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