Injured, old strays treated, pampered at rehabilitation center in southern Turkey

MERSİN, Turkey
Published 15.11.2018 00:49
Injured, old strays treated, pampered at rehabilitation center in southern Turkey

We all need to be pampered now and then, especially when we are sore or injured ourselves. Well, the same applies to animals, namely those living on the street and having no one to take care of them.

In Mersin, at the Metropolitan Municipality Animal Care, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, injured, old or disabled stray animals are treated in pools, massaging units and exercise halls. The center also operates as an animal hospital and vets perform surgery on cats and dogs that are in need of more intense treatment.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mehmet Cücük, the head of veterinary services of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, said some of the animals that suffer from nerve injuries are in need of special care to return to health. Cücük said the treatment of these animals can take longer than other treatment and said: "After surgery, we take these animals to our rehabilitation pools in order for them to recover their movement ability. They certainly enjoy their time in the pools and other areas of rehabilitation. Pool treatment takes place every day. Our aim is to keep their muscles intact."

Because the center is well-equipped, injured animals from other provinces are also transferred to the rehabilitation center in Mersin.

"This center is a hope for animals. Even though the odds are slim, we are trying to get them back on their feet. Of course there are some animals that we fail to treat but they continue their lives here at the center and are well taken care of," Cücük added.

However, the success rate of the center is quite high. Some animals that could not even move their feet start to move them and even walk, thanks to the rehabilitation pool.

"Even though some cannot regain their abilities fully, we walk together in the garden. They are happy and moving on with their lives," Cücük added.

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