The land of fairy chimneys and horses now famous for its photogenic carpets

Published 20.12.2018 21:37
Updated 21.12.2018 08:00
Tourists enjoy shopping at the historical inn while using the venue as their personal photography studio.
Tourists enjoy shopping at the historical inn while using the venue as their personal photography studio.

Famous for its fairy chimneys, Nevşehir's Göreme does not lack beautiful scenery, but a new favorite is a historic inn and the colorful carpets that adorn its walls

A 450-year-old historic inn, which was restored and converted into a carpet shop in Göreme, Nevşehir, has become a popular tourist destination.

The inn, the walls and floor of which are entirely covered with old woven carpets, is among a favorite for social media users looking to make an impression.Tourists coming to the famous Cappadocia region, one of Turkey's major tourist centers, can both buy carpets decorated with Anatolian motifs and at the same time pose for the cameras among woven carpets of various patterns.James Zhan, one of several Chinese tourists visiting the region, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he and his friend admire the natural beauty of Cappadocia.

Zhan said he came to the carpet shop to buy woven carpets and take photographs.

The colorful carpets at the historic inn creates the best atmosphere for unforgettable photos.

"I knew that Cappadocia was very beautiful and so I decided to come with my friend. We went on a hot air balloon tour. We wanted to take photos at this carpet shop, the photos of which I had seen on social media before. This is a very nice place," he continued.

Yue Lii Miao, another enthusiastic tourist, stressed that the shop is an impressive venue that reflects the traditional colors of Turkey. "Carpets made with colorful patterns are everywhere. I think it is a very nice place to take photos. I can't wait to show the photos to my friends when I return to my country. I am sure all of them will like my photos. I have seen photos taken here before; my friend takes my photos at the same places now. This is a great pleasure for me," he said.

Zilan Deniz, a visitor from the U.K., was in Capadoccia for her honeymoon. She said that she was very impressed by the lively and colorful view of the area.

"We came to Cappadocia for our honeymoon. This carpet shop is a very mesmerizing place. You can take very nice photos here. I think the reason why it attracts a lot of attention is that all the photos taken here are so beautiful. We wanted to take pictures here with my husband. I will share them on social media," she said.

Serkan İkman, the owner of the woven carpet shop, said that Far Eastern tourists are the most interested in the store.

"We showcase and sell traditional woven carpets and rugs that have an ethnic value to customers who come here. Today, we see the benefits of social media. As guests from various countries, especially Chinese tourists, share their photographs, our store attracts more attention. Images of our store were once screened on a Chinese TV channel. This makes us really happy. This is a 450-year-old inn, where people coming and going on the road stayed in the past. It is one of the oldest buildings in Göreme. It has been used as a carpet shop for a long time," İkman said.

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