Recent studies suggest men lie more often than women

Published 08.01.2019 20:40
Updated 08.01.2019 21:51

Recent researches conducted with meta-analysis techniques suggest that men lie more often than women.

According to some 565 studies and surveys jointly conducted by the Max Planck Institute and Israel's Technion Institute of Technology on 44,050 subjects, men turn to lies more often than women, a rate of 42 percent to 38 percent.

Philipp Gerlach, a researcher from the Max Planck Institute and lead author of the study, said about the research results that "Although there is a lot of research about who lies when, and why, the findings are mixed and sometimes contradictory."

"However, we are able to make clearer determinations about the data from all these studies," he added.

The technique of meta-analysis has also demonstrated the links between lying tendency and some personal and situational factors such as age.

According to the results published in the Psychological Bulletin, young people, regardless of gender, had a bigger tendency towards lying when compared to their middle-aged counterparts. For a 20-year-oldthe likelihood of lying was 47 percent while it was 36 percent for a 60-year-old. With each passing year, a person is 0.28 times less likely to lie and be dishonest, the study found.

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