Stray cats of Turkey's Bursa live under one welcoming roof

BURSA, Turkey
Published 23.01.2019 01:15
Stray cats of Turkey's Bursa live under one welcoming roof

Stray cats in Bursa are living the time of their lives this winter, in villas that are entirely reserved for them. Built by Bursa's Osmangazi Municipality, the "Cat Villas" are home to some 200 stray cats. They enjoy the free space and a warm shelter during the cold winter days.

Besides strays, the villas at the Stray Animals Natural Life and Treatment Center also host cats that lost limbs in accidents or to diseases. When the weather is nice, the cats spend time in the garden of the villa, but when it gets freezing cold, the cats enjoy the warmth indoors.

Deputy Director of the center Dilek Yosun told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the cats in the villas undergo regular veterinary checkups.

"Their treatment and rehabilitation are carried out with utmost care," said Yosun, adding that, "during the winter, the stray cats enjoy living a villa life here. The interior of the buildings was done with feline living conditions in mind. Each villa can host 100 cats." Once the rehabilitation process is over, the center allows people to adopt from the center.

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