Missing Thai woman with Alzheimer's found in China, 650 km from home

Published 15.02.2019 19:35

A Thai woman who has Alzheimer's disease was found in China eight months after she went missing in her country, Chinese state radio said Friday.

Kaewmanee Arjor went missing from her home in Thailand's Muang district in June and was found by Chinese police wandering along the R3A Highway in Kunming City of China, 650 kilometers (404 miles) away from her home.

The report said it is not clear yet how the 59-year-old woman came from Thailand to China, which would require passing through passport controls, including the Beijing administration's face scanning and fingerprint control systems.

Authorities do not know whether the woman came to China accompanied by someone else or alone, but they emphasized that she was traveling alone when found.

The woman was taken to the hospital for health checks. Necessary contacts were made with the Thai government and the woman's daughter was given a flight ticket for Wednesday by Chinese and Thai officials to take her mother back home.

Suchada Arjor, the woman's daughter, said that her mother told her that she went there on foot, on a road through forests and mountains, and was unaware that she had left Thailand, adding that she might have crossed into China along a natural pathway.

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