Cleanest city in Turkey turns garbage into electricity

Published 02.04.2019 00:07

For the second year in a row, Kastamonu province in the Black Sea region has been chosen as Turkey's cleanest city according to data compiled by the Turkish Statistical Institute. In Kastamonu which is famous for its natural beauty, every bit of garbage is recycled and turned into raw material and even electricity.

A waste management unit in Kastamonu collects around 250 tons of garbage daily. The collected garbage is transferred to a solid waste disposal facility outside the city and turned into electricity that energizes 7,000 houses.

Speaking to the press, Erkan Özcan, the technician in charge at the Garbage Gas Electric Production Facility said they turn the garbage into electricity by burning it. "By doing so, we keep our environment clean and turn the waste into something valuable. Burning this waste does not harm the ozone layer as we keep the landfill gas contained," he added.

Located in the Black Sea region, which is famous for its thick forests, Kastamonu has been known for its clean air and is listed as one of the top most livable city. With the recent investments in the garbage collection facilities and the support being shown for the zero waste movement Kastamonu has been a shining star of a waste-free province.

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