Cats pampered at five-star cat hotel in Turkey

Published 11.07.2019 00:10
Cat hotel offers accommodation for pets whose owners have to go away.
Cat hotel offers accommodation for pets whose owners have to go away.

If you have a pet, it is never easy to leave them and go on vacation. Whenever you make plans, you also have to arrange someone to take care of your pet and make sure your furry friend's every need is met.

Due to increasing demands, Turkey has seen a boom in cat and dog hotels so animal lovers can go on with their holiday plans without worrying for their pets.

Pet shop owner Metin Çakır runs one such hotel. It specializes in cats and the hotel takes care of every need of the feline friends.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Çakır said their aim is to help pet owners during the holiday season while the cats some enjoyable time, being treated like royalty. "From brushing their fur to bath and play times, our hotel offers five-star service for the cats," said Çakır.

The hotel opened two months ago. It features 200 square meters of indoor space with four rooms, two bathrooms and a special section for cat care.

"We first decide on where the cat should spend its time during the stay according to its species. The hotel is capable of hosting 20 cats at the same time. Currently, there are four cats staying at the hotel. One of them is disabled and we will continue to take care of it after its surgery, which will take place in 10 days. We also follow up on the vaccines and other illnesses of our guests," he said.

There are also two vets working at the hotel. They check the cats every day, making sure everything is going smoothly. The price for a day of accommodation changes between TL 25 and TL 60 according to the cat's species.

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