It's a miracle! Van cat gives birth to 10 kittens

Published 09.08.2019 00:16
Nazlı, the Van Cat, feeds her babies.
Nazlı, the Van Cat, feeds her babies.

Nazlı, one of the Van cats residing at Yüzüncü Yıl University's Van Cat Research Center, gave birth to 10 kittens, becoming the first Van cat to give birth to this many babies.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) after the birth of the kittens, professor Abdullah Kaya said that Van cats give birth to four kittens on average. "We are extremely happy to have 10 newborns at our center.

This birth is the biggest birth that we have ever recorded. Since there are too many babies, the mother cannot give them milk at the same time. We are looking after the mother and the babies with the utmost care," Kaya added.

The Van Cat Research Center was founded to keep the Van cat breed pure and help to increase the population of these unique animals. Known by their white silky fur, lion-like walk and mismatched eye colors, Van cats are friendly, water-loving animals. Famous for their swimming abilities, Van cats are taken care of at the center and are available for adoption by those who prove themselves worthy.

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