Find your treasure at Secondhand Festival in Istanbul

Published 20.09.2019 00:14
Last year's Kilyos Secondhand Festival hosted thousands of vistors.
Last year's Kilyos Secondhand Festival hosted thousands of vistors.

In the age of fast consumption, it is easy for us to throw the things we do not need or that are not in fashion to the garbage. But in fact, the things you no longer want might be the exact things that somebody else has been looking for. This is what Kilyos Secondhand Festival aims to do with its motto "Do not throw away - Recycle, Reduce Consumption and Be Happy."

To be organized this weekend in Istanbul's Kilyos district, the 14th edition of the Secondhand Festival targets people of all ages, encouraging them to stop fast consumption and be more aware of the environment. The event will take place in a serene environment, with forests surrounding the festival area, which enables people who want to shop to spend a relaxing time with their family and friends. During the festival, visitors will get a chance to find antiques and secondhand objects from clothes to electronics. A total of 250 secondhand sellers will be present at the festival and throughout the day, festivalgoers will have a chance to dig around in the stalls for rare finds. Also, there will be a music broadcast during the day and the festival will offer a "giant celebration of the old" for visitors.

For those who want to visit the festival and find out what surprises it holds, remember that entrance is free of charge.

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