İzmir to host festival dedicated to stray animals

Published 26.09.2019 00:10

We all see stray animals every day, trying to find food or a warm corner to lie down in. Even though all they need is some food and a little bit of attention and love, we often fail to spare time for them. They are a part of our everyday life; part of the identity of the city we live in and the mascots of many streets.

To raise awareness on the problems faced by the stray animals and to show people that they are not invisible, nearly 40 nongovernmental organizations in İzmir are hosting the first-ever festival dedicated to our furry friends. The "Patival Konak: We are Meeting with Our True Friends," Festival is scheduled to take place on Sept. 28 at İzmir's Gündoğdu Square.

The festival will continue for almost five hours. The participants will have a lovely time with various activities and live shows. There will be several workshops for children as well. The festival aims to find new homes for at least 100 stray animals. It will also take donations for animals living in shelters.

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