See world from new perspective at Istanbul Museum of Illusions

Published 10.10.2019 00:55

Opening its doors on İstiklal Avenue's Narmanlı Han in July, the Museum of Illusions in Istanbul invites people of all ages to discover the amazing world of illusions.

The museum, which was first opened in Zagreb in 2015, then spread to 15 cities around the world including Hamburg, New York and Athens. Now at its 16th location, the museum aims to welcome Istanbulites and tourists visiting the city to become a part of the endless discoveries. The museum features different sections for different experiences such as an "Infinity Room," the "UpSideDown House," "Vortex Tunnel" and "Clone Table."

The museum focuses on illusions but uses three different versions of it. Photographic illusion enables visitors to have a fun time with the displays set up at the exhibition area. Optical illusions, on the other hand, use mirrors to distort the brain. Interactive illusions create the most fun as the setups enable visitors to become a part of the illusion.

Istanbul's Museum of Illusions is open every day of the week from 10:00 to 22:00. Tickets for the museum are TL 49 for adults and TL 35 for students and children.

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