Wooden toys triumph over plastic ones health wise

Published 28.11.2019 15:57
A wooden toy car for children to play safely with. (AA Photo)
A wooden toy car for children to play safely with. (AA Photo)

The plastic toys that children play with starting very early in life can sometimes threaten their lives - especially when the origins of the toys are unknown. To enable children to have toys which will contribute to their development while protecting their health, wooden toy production in Turkey is on the rise with more and more manufacturers joining the movement.

Hüseyin Taklaıi, head of the Furniture Craftsman's Association in Ankara, said the choice of toys was crucial for child development, adding that plastic and electronic toys were preferred more than wooden ones.

"Plastic is decomposed in 450 years compared to wood, which takes only 15 years in nature. Wooden toys should be preferred not only for the health of children, but also for the future of the environment," Taklacı said.

He also underscored that chemicals in plastic and electronic toys may be harmful to health.

Saying that wooden toys are mostly made of natural materials, Taklacı underlined that chemicals such as PVC and phthalate are not used in them.

"Children are in close contact with toys until a certain age. They touch, even put toys in their mouth," Taklacı said.

"It is much easier to clean and decontaminate wooden toys that are free of dangerous materials as much as possible. Thus, our children are better protected against bacterial diseases," he added.

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