Israeli army kills Palestinian youth in West Bank

Published 10.06.2015 20:24

A Palestinian youth lost his life after being shot by Israeli forces when they broke into the Jennin refugee camp on Wednesday, according to eyewitnesses.

Ezzedin Ghorra, 21, was taken to a hospital in the West Bank after being shot in the chest.

However, he lost his life despite attempts to save him, a medical source at Khalil Sulayman Hospital said.

According to eyewitnesses, an Israeli military force stormed the camp to detain youths, which lead to clashes.

Witnesses say the military forces used live ammunition and tear gas, while the youths responded by throwing rocks and molotov cocktails.

Ghorra's funeral procession started on Wednesday afternoon from his home in Jenin to the camp's graveyard, with dozens of Palestinians condemning his death by the Israeli forces.

Ihab Bseiso, spokesman of the Palestinian unity government, said that "what happened in Jenin is a repeated scenario and should be stopped immediately."

Bseiso also called on the international community to push Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinian people.

Israeli forces sporadically perform raids in the occupied West Bank and detain local Palestinians, claiming they are "wanted" by Israeli security agencies.

Over 6,500 Palestinians are currently languishing in prisons throughout Israel, according to official Palestinian figures.

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