Kurds must solve their problems through dialogue, Iraqi scholar says

Published 22.04.2016 12:07

The secretary-general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars said the deteriorating political and security situation in the region is troubling.

During a speech in northern Iraq on Wednesday, Ali al-Qaradaghi said that the region's security and political situation is heading in the wrong direction, because of "sectarian conflict".

He also demanded political leaders in the Kurdish region to realize the responsibility upon them and to solve their problems through dialogue and by establishing strategic plans.

Due to its policies and alliances, the Syrian PKK affiliate, the PYD, has drawn frustration from different Kurdish parties in Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

PYD's armed wing, YPG militia, which reportedly receives support from Russia and the United States for its fight against the DAESH terrorist organization, has been also criticized for preventing other Kurdish groups from voicing their political stances.

Iraqi Kurds have said that the PYD cannot be considered a group that represents all Kurds in Syria and that the group's legitimacy has declined for them. The PYD has forced 13 Syrian Kurdish parties to leave PYD territory. All of these parties are represented in the Syrian National Coalition that supports the territorial integrity of a free Syria.

In order to hinder the opposing voice from the KRG and Iraqi Kurds, the PYD banned Iraqi Kurdistan's Rudaw Media Network from operating in Kobani and the surrounding area in February. The PYD made a statement regarding the decision and defended its policy, saying: "The decision will be in place unless Rudaw changes its politics."

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