Israel razes Palestinian homes in West Bank village

Published 10.08.2017 09:26
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Israeli forces Thursday demolished the homes of three alleged Palestinian attackers in the village of Deir Abu Meshal in the occupied West Bank, local authorities reported.

More than 50 Israeli army vehicles reportedly rolled into the village shortly after midnight.

Israeli soldiers then imposed a curfew and proceeded with the demolition, Deir Abu Meshal's mayor Imad Zahran said.

The homes belonged to the families of Bara Ata, Usama Ata, and Ahmad Ankoush, who died in an alleged attack on Israeli police in Jerusalem in June.

Their families had vacated the homes a week before the demolition took place, Imad Zahran said.

The demolition took several hours and involved bulldozers and explosives to destroy the homes.

When the army arrived in the village, calls through the loudspeakers of a local mosque asked villagers to block the attempt.

Israeli soldiers clashed with young residents, responding to protests by firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

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