Undercover Israeli police nab Palestinian student during university raid


Israeli police and soldiers raided a Palestinian university in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday.

The police disguised in civilian attire stormed the Birzeit University campus near Ramallah and detained its student council president Omar Kiswani.

The detention sparked clashes between students and the Israeli police, who were backed by army heavily armed soldiers.

The police fired several gunshots into the air during the clashes.

Following the raid, the university's rector Abdul Latif abu-Hijleh said Israel had no "red lines."

"The storming of the university is an unprecedented danger to education. Our children are in great danger now. This event will make them live in fear," abu-Hijleh said.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) called the raid a "Zionist crime and hijacking."

Kiswani had previously spent a year in an Israeli jail for his participation in a Hamas-affiliated group on campus.

The Birzeit University-based Right to Education Campaign said such raids and detentions of students by Israeli forces are common.

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