Visually-impaired Turkish man realizes dream, rides Honda NSX in Istanbul circuit

Published 11.01.2019 21:26
Updated 12.01.2019 11:34

Levent Karadol, a visually-impaired Turkish citizen, has realized his dream of riding a "full fledged" race car thanks to the efforts of the Turkish edition of international motorsports website Motor1.

According to the website, Karadol was just 7 months old when he lost his sight due to a disease.

"He never saw the sun again. He just feels it," the website said in the description section of its YouTube video published on Friday.

In the video, Karadol and the editor-in-chief of Motor1 Turkey, Cihangir Perperik are seen enjoying the ride. Marking his first ride ever on a high-speed circuit, Karadol gives the commands as Perperik drives the car. "3,2,1, go!" Karadol shouts in enjoyment while fulfilling his dream.

"2 months ago, Levent shared his dream about cars on Motor1 Turkey's social media channels. We, as a team, heard him out and made a surprise for him he will never forget," the website said.

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