Concert to commemorate 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death

Published 11.04.2016 00:00
Updated 13.04.2016 17:27
Natali Boğosyan
Natali Boğosyan

The 400th anniversary of the death of the world's most famous British bard and playwright William Shakespeare is being commemorated worldwide in panel sessions, stage productions and concerts.

As 2016 is dedicated to Shakespeare and his legacy, Turkey's culture and art scenes are exploring the genius behind the country bard who became a legend on London's stages via various branches of art. The CorISTAnbul Chamber Choir, under the baton of Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan, soprano Natali Boğosyan and countertenor Kaan Buldular will give an unforgettable performance at the Pera Ball Hall within the British Consulate-General building in Istanbul on April 23, the birth and death date of William Shakespeare. The concert, which will take place as a part of Quill Production's "Quill Choir" concert series, will feature a rich repertoire ranging from the classics to modern masters. CorISTAnbul Chamber Choir, which has always stood out with their conceptual choices and live performances, will be accompanied on the stage by Boğosyan and Buldular. During the concert, Agoşyan's concerto "Romeo and Juliet" will be performed.

The concerto blazed a trail in the world of music and was premiered in 2011 in a performance by Hamburg-based Ensemble Vocal. The CorISTAnbul Chamber Choir, which has just completed a successful tour in Hamburg, was founded by music director and maestro Agoşyan and assistant conductor Boğosyan in 2011 to perform acapella choir works. Having performed in prestigious venues such as the Albert Long Hall and British Consulate-General in Istanbul, the choir was featured on the official website of Schott Music with their live spring-themed performance in 2012. Moreover, CorISTAnbul Chamber Choir was the only participant from Turkey in the "Britten 100" global event series that celebrated the 100th birthday of British composer Benjamin Britten. Tickets for the concert are TL 40 ($13); however, you are advised to make reservations as tickets are limited.

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