Lebanese trumpeter Maalouf enthusiastic about upcoming Istanbul show

Published 18.04.2016 00:00

TRT World's new culture and arts show, "Showcase" interviewed accomplished jazz trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who is of Lebanese descent, prior to his April 23 concert in Istanbul. He said that he had previously performed in Ankara, Muğla's tourist hub Bodrum and İzmir. "Every time I perform in Turkey, I witness the same enthusiasm. In Turkey, people know how to entertain themselves and heat up a live performance, and this inspires the artist on stage. Moreover, the Turkish audience also knows when to stop the uproar and quietly listen to the song," Maalouf said.

Maalouf recalled the audience's reaction when he began singing "Beirut" during his last concert in Istanbul, saying that he was very moved. He added: "Around 10 people standing in front of the stage were moved to tears while listening to ‘Beirut.' Istanbul is the only place in the world where you can receive such a reaction. I witness people trying to leave in the middle of the concert even in Lebanon because people do not want to listen to the story of Beirut as I interpret it, so they run away. When I play in Europe, I can feel that people understand and are moved by the message that I am trying to deliver, but when I play in Turkey, I see that people fully understand my music for the first time, as if they are living the story that I am telling with my trumpet. Hence, playing for a Turkish audience makes me feel happy."

Maalouf also mentioned the visual effects he uses during live performances, saying people are used to watching videos or images while listening to music, so he places great importance on blending sound and image. The musician also said that he feels lucky to be able to give concerts in huge venues, but then added that a musician should not get used to such comfort. "However, I am glad to be able to reach out to as many people as I can at big concert venues. This concert, which will take place at Volkswagen Arena, will be my first concert in a huge venue in Turkey. So far, I have preferred small venues in Turkey, as we are familiar with the Turkish audience. This time our party will be bigger, and I hope that people will leave the venue with happy faces. We are ready to entertain and give an incredible concert." Growing up in a musical family, Maalouf enchants Turkish audience with his talent for playing Arabic tones, which he inherited from his father, with his four valve trumpet. See him on April 23 at Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul.

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