Music fest to shake Bodrum beach

Published 01.08.2017 00:07

The pioneers of the new music movement will meet with their fans on Aug. 5-6 in Bodrum's Yalıkavak Xuma Village. World-famous bands and DJs will push the limits of music at "Vakkorama Powerful Fest," with limitless music for two days, 12 hours a day, on two different stages.

Timboletti, Dest, Estray, the pioneers of the new music movement in the world, and other famous figures will increase the energy of summer days at the festival in which nonstop programs will be performed on two different stages with surprise activities.

"Mo' Horızons Soundsystem," which performed at famous festivals such as Vibes On a Summer's Day, and The Nova Jazz & Blues Night, and Mateo Kingman, who has many fans from several countries, especially the U.S., Argentina, and Spain, will enliven the festival with their unique performances. While the famous DJ Estray impresses everyone with his ethnic and spiritual electronic music, German Timboletti, who is known for hip hop, reggae, drum'n bass and house music, will meet with Dest and Laroz Camel Rider during the fest.

Figures such as Stavroz, Deeperise FT. Jabbar, Kerala Dust, P. Brothers', Dandara, KMLN and Jhon Montoya and the famous DJ of Afro and deep music DJ Pappa will perform their magnificent shows during Vakkorama Powerful Fest.

The tickets for the fest are available at Mobilet for those who want to book in advance and not miss what promises to make the audience feel the energy and joy of summer.

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