Ankara to conclude month with electronic music fest

Published 25.08.2017 23:02
Updated 25.08.2017 23:04
Enrico Sangiuliano
Enrico Sangiuliano

The Burn Sonance Festival will be held for the second time this year, bringing the long-awaited festival spirit to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, with many world famous artists on Aug. 30.

Planned to feature BLANCAh, Reinier Zonneveld, Enrico Sangiuliano, Gregor Tresher, Undercatt and Ten Walls in the DJ cabin, the festival will be an unforgettable day for the participants at the Ankara Club Mirador.

In addition to the powerful DJ line-up, the BURN Sonance Festival will also cheer those wanting to escape from the dog days up with its 240 m² big and 27 m² small pool in the festival area.

Presenting a unique festival environment with the view of Mogan Lake, a hidden paradise in Ankara, the festival will help electronic music lovers experience the festival spirit with non-stop 14-hour music on the 6000-m2 area covered with greenery.

World famous DJs on the set

Having become a cult figure in electronic music with his records released on minimalist techno music labels from Cocoon Recordings to Great Stu Recordings, Gregor Tresher will take his place at the festival.

The renowned Brazilian DJ BLANCAh, who won the award for "Most inspirational artist of the year" and has a huge fan base all over the world thanks to her creativity and innate ability, is also one of the most popular figures at the festival.

The world-famous Lithuanian producer DJ Ten Walls, who has made millions fall in love with electronic music, and Italian DJ Enrico Sangiuliano, who has turned Beatport lists upside down with his productions and even has been number one in the Top100 list, are among the names taking the DJ cabin in Ankara.

Having become one of the shining stars of the Diynamic Festival in Istanbul with the songs that they produce inspired by modern techno and melodic, emotional elements, the Italian couple Undercatt and Reinier Zonneveld will also be performing. The duo are stars in the modern techno world thanks to their energetic performances.

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