Istanbul out for jazzy night

Published 27.06.2018 21:19 Modified 27.06.2018 21:27
Kalben will close the night at Moda Kayıkhane.
Kalben will close the night at Moda Kayıkhane.

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the Istanbul Jazz Festival has kicked off. Celebrating its 25th year, the festival is bringing its energy to the Anatolian side with ‘Night Out' today

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the 25th Istanbul Jazz Festival's Night Out section will open its doors at 7:00 p.m. today. There will be special performances at different venues and special stages for the festival in and around Kadıköy district and Moda quarter. Visitors will be able to get access to all the venues with a single ticket.

Just like the last three years, festival goers will get the chance to listen to the most exciting and alternative names of independent stages. This year's lineup includes Kalben, Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz, Islandman, Nilipek, Melike Şahin, Taner Öngör & 43.75 and Focan & Bıyıkoğlu Organic Quarter.

Also taking the stage will be Selim Selçuk, who released his new album "Miles Kuçles" within the last few months, Cevdet Erek, who has been attracting attention with his solo drum project, Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut, who gained a wide fan base with a repertoire ranging from slow songs to powerful rock 'n' roll songs and Ati ve Aşk Üçgeni, who became a favorite in the local scene with their first album they defined as "soul pop."

Different melodies ranging from indie rock, electronic music to jazz will be echoing at the Night Out.

Kim ki o, the joint project of Istanbul based music duo of Ekin Sanaç and Berna Göl will take the stage. Percussionist and lute player Yinon Muallem's new project with Hakan Gürbüz and İsmail Altunbaş, TaKiDum will also be heard at the event.

Moreover taking the stage will be the young composer and singer Selin Sümbültepe, who has made a name for herself with her album "Cızgan" released in Decemtber, Ankara-based young punk-rock band Al'York and Nardis Jazz Competitions' vocalist Sibel Demir.

Club Quartier (St. Joseph's Association), Moda Sahnesi, Moda Kayıkhane, Baba Sahne, All Saints Moda Church, Ağaç Ev Kadıköy, Bant Mag Havuz/BİNA, KargART and zor are among the venues.


Ati ve Aşk Üçgeni, who drew great interest last year with their music they deemed "soul pop" and their album "Gecenin Karanlığında" (In the Darkness of the Night) will meet with the audience for their first large Istanbul gig at Club Quartier.

Another guest of the night will be Taner Öngür, a legend of the band, Moğollar. He released "Elektrik Gramafon" (Electric Gramophone) last year and re-interpreted old Istanbul songs from the 1920s to the 1970s and will be the guest of Night Out together with 43.75 meeting his fans, who showed a great interest in his album.

The last guest of the night will be Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz, who have now become one of the young and powerful names of the local scene after becoming a phenomenon online with Kaan Boşnak on guitar and vocals, Engin Sevik on electro guitar, Can Tunaboylu on bass guitar and Can Kalyoncu on drums offering a night of indie-folk, experimental works and electronic and dance tunes.


Cevdek Erek continues his successful production in different genres by focusing on sound, music, architecture and visual arts. The artist, who was introduced to the audiences with the band Nekropsi released his first solo album "Davul" (Drum) last year. Playing his instrument, the drums with a style of his own and adding a new character to it, Cevdet Erek will meet with the audiences at Moda Sahnesi.

Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut, a calm and strong rock 'n' roll band embracing emotions and the inspiration from Ömer Hayyam will take over the stage afterward. The Istanbul-based musician duo kim ki o first released their mini album "Dans" (Dance) in 2010. Until today, they have released four successful albums to date and toured in Europe and the U.K. with names such as The Radio Dept., Moon Duo, Jens Lekman and has become one of the sought after names of local festivals and they will be on Moda Sahnesi.

Another guest of the night is Islandman, who pursues exotic tunes. Founded as the solo project of Tolga Böyük, Islandman continues its life as a multi-instrumentalist trio giving voice to the Anatolian psychedelic tunes.


The rhythm trio, which adds their own style to percussion, TaKiDum is nourished by the vast resources of Jewish and Turkish music. Yinon Muallem, Hakan Gürbüz and İsmail Altunbaş, who unite around the motto of "Rhytym's Sound" and performed at numerous concerts in many countries around the world, will bring their rich combination of their personal discoveries to Night Out.

After TaKiDum, the lyricist and jazz vocalist Selim Sümbültepe will be on the stage. With her clear and strong vocals, Selin Sümbültepe released her first album "Cızgan," formed with perfect stories, last year and is at Moda Kayıkhane stage at the Night Out.

Kalben will close the night at Moda Kayıkhane. With their second album released this year, "Sonsuza Kadar" (Until Eternity), Kalben continues to be among the most listened groups.


Getting caught in the magic of jazz while studying opera in college, Sibel Demir, who won a jazz workshop scholarship in Poland Pulawy in the 2016 Nardis Young Jazz vocal competition, is a jazz singer inspired by the collective power of jazz.

Feeding from the harmony created by jazz, this young vocalist will be at Baba Sahne at the Night Out.

Selim Selçuk built his jazz-filled music career between New York and Istanbul by working with the most important names of jazz and taking stage at important festivals and clubs abroad. Since 2014, he has been collaborating with his father Münir Nurettin Selçuk and with his jazz album "Miles Kuçles," he is one of the most exciting guests of Night Out this year.

Önder Focan is the first musical of Turkey who released an album under the label Blue Note with his 1997 release "Beneath the Stars" released with pianist Sam Yahel and drummer Bill Stewart. With the contribution of Kaan Bıyıkoğlu on the piano recently, Focan & Bıyıkoğlu Organic Quartet projects will be at the Night Out.


Baku-based Ahmedowsky Trio carries their music with ambient, acid jazz and funk tunes to Istanbul. Combining Baku's neo funk / jazz mugam style and who became renowned in the music world with the album "Sketches of Vagif" released last year, Ahmedowsky Trio will take the stage at Night Out as a part of their Europe tour for their album "Caspian Broadcasting" to be released this June.

Another guest of the night is Dun Again, formed of Mehmet Das on drums, Can Aydemir on bass guitar, Gürhan Öğütücü on drums and Aras Tüysüz on effects.

They are one of the most authentic representatives of roots reggae and dub sound. The band combines the dub rhythms, one of the classics from the '70s, with the power of the groove and creates a real analogue reggae sound.


Prominent musicians such as Baba Zula, Ayşe Tütüncü and Burhan Öçal, one of the founders of Gülbaba music company, Ahmetjah and Kornelia, a Polish record collector who is renowned for this "Turkish Ladies" collection on female singers from Turkey, are visiting Night Out with their joint DJ set.

This dynamic festival night shared by Kornelia, who has been traveling all around the world and collecting records and moved to Istanbul on her way for a discovery in records is awaiting festival audiences. One of the gems of local scene, Istanbul-based musician and producer Ozoyo finally released his EP "Wanderlust" in late 2016 and his latest EP titled "Lost Beats" at the beginning of this year. Blending hip hop, electronica and jazz, Ozoyo's songs will make you want to listen to them over and over again at zor.


Melike Şahin gave more than 250 concerts with Baba Zula, who interacted with her in 2011. In 2017, the artist co-created a song written by her with the band Boom Pam, known for their concerts with Selda Bağcan and nowadays, she continues giving concerts of classical and arabesque works with Melik Şah ve Saz Arkadaşları.

One of the most popular names of the alternative music scene, Nilipek released her first LP "Sabah" (Morning), which gained the appraisal of music critics and was named as one of the best albums of the year. She also released her second solo album "Döngü" (Loop) last year, gaining herself an even more solid place in the music world.

Nilipek will brighten Night Out with her vocal ukulele.


Formed by Utku Uluer, Mert Hallı, Mete Turan and Alper Yamak, KLAN is a successful band, which has released two EPs in five years. The quartet will take the stage at Night Out for a rich musical experience with psychedelic rock, Anatolian rock, surf, indie, dance and progressive rock elements.

Al'York is an Ankara-based band that has had interesting performances on Istanbul's festival stages for the past two years. They have toured with local bands such as Ringo Hets and also performed as the sub-band of creative artists such as Hanni Al Khatib.

With their two EPs, in which they have proven that their exciting music has added to rock 'n' roll, Al'york will be at Night Out stage.


Followed with interest for years, Sumru Ağıryürüyen and Orçun Baştürk's common project SO Duo released their first album in May this year. The duo's songs, which propose an experience ranging from traditional to avant-garde and created together, were offered in an album "Ay Ana" (Moon Mother), played by mandolin, keyboards, percussion, panduri and drums. This extraordinary instrumental synthesis promises one of the most original performances of Night Out.

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