Album cover illustrations on display

Published 20.02.2019 00:07
Album cover illustrations on display

An album cover exhibition for comic book and music lovers will open at Istanbul's kargART on Feb. 24 at 4 p.m.

The exhibition will be an event connected to the 3rd Istanbul Comics and Art Festival (ICAF), organized by Dream Sales Machine, one of Turkey's leading event organizers, in September 2018. The event had also focused on illustrations on the album covers of local bands and music groups. It was accompanied by a simultaneous workshop and conversation series with musicians and illustrators.

Album covers designed by ICAF participants

At the workshop, participants listened to a number of singles, including The Ringo Jets' "The Baba," Hoodies' "Man Down" and Ağaçkakan's "İki Ayaklı Paradoks" ("Bipod Paradox") before their release. The participants then created album covers for the singles.

The day-long exhibition at kargArt next week will feature the album covers designed at last year's ICAF. The venue will also hold Merch Market, where local bands will exhibit and sell their products, on the same day.

With its public space installations, comics and illustration booths, live graffiti sessions, open-for-all workshops, workshops for artists, conversations, and illustration activities that focus on the city and life and creative experience, the Istanbul Comics and Art Festival is one of the most colorful open-air festivals in Istanbul.

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