Voice of 'La Casa de Papel' in Bursa

Published 04.06.2019 00:12
Cecilia Krull will perform on June 14 in Bursa.
Cecilia Krull will perform on June 14 in Bursa.

Becoming popular worldwide with "My Life is Going On," Cecilia Krull, who sang for the popular TV series that gripped audiences, "La Casa De Papel," will be visiting Bursa on June 14.

The singer and songwriter Cecilia Krull, who comes from a family of musicians and who embarked on her career at the age of 7 singing Disney movie songs, is deemed as one of the most important new generation jazz singers despite her age, with roots in France, Cuba, Germany and Spain.

Singing different genres of music such as pop, groove and soul, the singer has performed in various countries including Spain, France, Sweden and Algeria and took the stage at many prestigious festivals such as Vitoria, Jimmy Glass, Elias Crean, Jn77 'in the Lake, Pinto, Soto del Real, Flavor to Club, the European Cultural Festival of Algiers and Carlos III.

Having collaborated with various internationally famous musicians including Jorge Pardo, Robert Glasper, Javier Colina, Gustav Lundgren, Mel Bringuez, Pedro Iturralde, Guillermo McGill, Andreas Unge, Pablo Martin Caminero, Borja Ba rrueta, Daniel Garcia Bruno, Bob Sands, Pedro Ruy Bias, Pepe Rivero, Gaston Joya, Michael Olivera, Reinier Elizarde, Ivan Melon Lewis, Krull also has a soundtrack out with Manuel Santisteban. She was also involved in projects like "Three Meters Above The Sky" (2010), "Fuga de Cerebros 2" (2011), "Ms to Vis "(2016), "House of Paper" (2017) and "The Accident" (2018) with her unique voice.

Cecilia Krull will meet with her fans in Bursa at the 58th International Bursa Festival on June 14.

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