Turkey's first free-participation orchestra gathers in Ankara

Published 10.06.2019 00:17

A children's philharmonic orchestra will be established in Ankara through a project initiated by conductor Musa Göçmen to help make every child who can play an instrument part of a giant orchestra.

The project, initiated in collaboration with Suje Cultural Center and Göçmen, addresses children of all levels who have learned to play instruments by attending a music course.

Applications will be accepted until September for the project. After a selection process, the children's philharmonic orchestra will start practicing and will perform for an audience for the first time with a New Year's concert.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Göçmen said they have set a path to establish the first children's philharmonic orchestra in Ankara, and the orchestra will consist of children who learned to play an instrument after attending music courses. Göçmen said, "This is not like they'll start and learn from scratch."

He noted that many children attend music courses, but often only share what they learn with their friends and families and after a while, they get bored and leave the course. "Our project goes beyond music courses. It is not a formula that's ever been applied before. It will fill the gap in this field and bring children up to an academic level. Children will experience being in a orchestra. Maybe, they'll consider continuing this journey professionally," he added.

A new perspective in music

Göçmen pointed out that the project is a first in Turkey. He noted that there are first and second parties in orchestras that produce harmonies for orchestral music. "The technique we will apply will include harmonic parties of first, second, third and fourth levels of technique, but it will be arranged according to the level of difficulty. The best ones will get to play in the first party, and those who have just started learning will have the chance to play in the fourth. This is a new perspective in music. Everyone will get the chance to be in the same orchestra and make music according to their skill level," said Göçmen.

The first free-participation philharmonic orchestra will offer a chance for those who take private lessons to have somewhere to continue their music. Göçmen also noted that this will be an amateur orchestra. "We will give regular concerts. The orchestra, which will work for the concert, will combine excitement, love and fun, bringing out beautiful results," added Göçmen.

Göçmen said all children who can play one or two songs can apply to the orchestra without a minimum age limit, and that the upper age limit will be 16 years old. The project has received nearly 800 pre-applications so far, and they are expected to exceed 1,000 by the end of September.

The tests to determine skill levels will start in September, and the orchestra will be created. The project is expected to take off at a fast pace.

Emphasizing that they created a system based on fun, pleasure and learning, Göçmen said, "Our aim is to make our children laugh and make music with joy." Göçmen added that they are planning to establish children's philharmonic orchestras in Istanbul, İzmir and Antalya, as well as establishing a free participation philharmonic orchestra for adults. "Our doors are open to anyone who wants to enjoy music and be part of an orchestra."

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