PKK-supporting exhibition in Mainz causes uproar

Published 14.09.2017 01:31
Updated 14.09.2017 02:20

The Landtag of the German city Mainz has opened an exhibition, "Art in State Parliament," displaying photographs and "stories" of PKK terrorists.

Hatice Oğur, the owner of the exhibition, told the newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung – Rhein Main Presse," that she wanted to document "oppressed Kurds" and especially the "fate of brave Kurdish female Freedom Fighters."

Are we surprised? No, of course not!

It is not the first time that exhibitions like this heroize and sugarcoat the PKK terrorist organization. We are already familiar with both the verbal and active support of the EU and the U.S. towards the PKK and its Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), in spite of their brutal and criminal structure. So far, they have even been able to get permission to erect a tent to make PKK propaganda in front of the European Council building in Belgium and Austria. They were also able to hold a photo exhibition featuring leaders and members of the PKK and PYD in the European Parliament (EP) building, and they were allowed to hold meetings in many European capitals.

Also, we even know that weapons confiscated from the PKK in recent anti-terror operations were mainly western made. These incidents have really been an "eye-opener" for Turkey.

However, this kind of support and acts on behalf of the PKK not only results in great disappointment and outrage in Turkey, but they are also a clear insult to the Turkish people.

It is no secret that the U.S., EU and German decision-makers define the PKK as a terrorist organization, but their actions portray a different picture: They don't just turn a blind eye to terror attacks against Turkey and its citizens, they also support the PKK and PYD.

A terrorist organization that killed 40,000 innocent people in the last four decades, poisons youth through its wide network of illegal drugs, engages in human trafficking, recruits children forcibly and abuses those who wants to leave.

And then this kind of sugarcoating of the terrorist organization, describing the PKK or PYD female terrorists as "Female Freedom Fighters."

This is really too much!

Female PKK terrorists that are so called equal to men, kill innocent people and perform all the disgusting crimes their male counterparts do. Needless to say, more than half of the suicide attacks have been conducted by these female militants.

What a fantastic story of women empowerment and gender equality!

On the other hand, we all know about the confessions of women terrorists that escaped from the PKK. One of these women militants that escaped from the PKK wrote a book: "The Escape to Freedom."

The horrific stories range from brutal incidents of rape, to the execution of young women who wanted to run away from the group. Thus, all today's arguments suggesting that the PKK provides freedom and power for women within the organization are more than absurd.

What irony!

Antagonistic sentiment towards our country is nothing new to us.

Could those who show tolerance for the PKK in the West, imagine such sentiments expressed in favor of Daesh or al-Qaeda?

Turkish people strongly condemn the opening of such an exhibition, which has been used as a propaganda tool for a bloody terrorist organization, thereby has been involved in promoting terrorism.

There is no difference between Daesh and the PKK and other terrorist groups like the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), they all serve the same purpose. Collaborating with a terrorist organization for whatever reason, will only harm its supporters, terrorism will hit western countries as well, like a boomerang.

We are very well aware of the fact that behind all of these terror organizations lie different powers, supports and projects.

In spite of evidence and stories of many abused women, western politicians and media outlets continue to turn a blind eye to the issue. Rather than revealing the true face of the terrorist organization, the portrayal of female terrorists as freedom fighters as well as pointing to the high number of female fighters to highlight how the terrorist organization gives importance to gender equality, are popular themes to justify the terror organization.

Glorifying female PKK and PYD terrorists as heroines, interpreting their militarization and radicalization in a terrorist organization as emancipation, is just standard political hypocrisy that ignores the abusive acts of the terrorist organization on women.

Turkey is a very powerful and democratic country where women's rights and gender equality have never been an issue in the past decade or so. Turkey went through a silent revolution in the last 16 years thanks to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's courageous steps, and in parallel to this, women have become a defining factor in Turkish politics. Instead of these kinds of smear campaigns against Turkey, it would be better to respect Turkey as a geo-strategic equal partner and accept the fact that the "New Turkey" has an important role in the region.

Those who claim to advocate for democracy and fight against terrorism need to come to their senses.

* Vice-chairperson in charge of foreign affairs of the AK Party Women Branch

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