Public sees MHP likeliest partner for AK Party

MERVE AYDOĞAN @mgulaydogan
Published 14.06.2015 22:00
Updated 14.06.2015 22:03
Public sees MHP likeliest partner for AK Party

Half of the public prefer a coalition government between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), according to the results of a recent survey by the respected Objective Research Center (ORC). The ORC survey, which was conducted in 30 metropolitan centers where 2,350 people were interviewed, also suggested that almost half of the public prefers that political leaders try their best to form a coalition government before calling snap elections, while the other half wants to have another go at the polls.

The ORC survey showed more than 50 percent of the public want snap elections whereas 46 percent prefer forming a coalition government. While the newly conducted survey also indicates more than 67 percent of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) voters are unsatisfied with the results, 97.3 percent of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) are very satisfied with the election results.

The results of the post-election survey further highlight that nearly 80 percent of AK Party voters and 74 percent of MHP voters prefer a snap election. Although a week has passed since the general elections, there is still no clear picture on how a coalition government will be formed. The AK Party reiterated several times that it is open to negotiations with all political parties.

The latest poll further indicates that only 25 percent of the participants believe that an AK Party and CHP coalition is possible. Furthermore, an Ipsos survey conducted last week also suggested 67 percent of AK Party voters, 55 percent of MHP voters, 21 percent of CHP voters and 11 percent of HDP voters thinks a coalition government should be formed between the AK Party and the MHP.

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