Opposition leader backs demand for safe zone in Syria

Published 18.06.2015 20:21

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli said that a buffer zone should be established on the Syrian border in a recent interview with a news outlet known to be close to the party. He continued to his speech by reminding Tal Abyad's capture by the Democratic Union Party's (PYD) People's Protection Units (YPG) from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. The PYD is a Syrian extension of the PKK terrorist organization. Tal Abyad is 90 kilometers far Raqqah, the capital of ISIS, and right across from the Turkish border town Akçakale. Saying that PYD and YPG have started to wave their flags near Turkey's border, Bahçeli claimed the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes assisted the YPG and PKK's advance and, therefore, put Turkey under siege by terrorist organizations. Expressing the establishment of a passageway between Kobani and Jazeera, he claimed that PKK was unifying the PYD's cantons: "The PKK is unifying cantons and thus establishing the western part of a greater Kurdistan. There is a so-called war against ISIS, however our Turkmen brethren are in a miserable condition. The international community is silent against these atrocities. Tal Abyad is on fire, Turkmens are being forced to immigrate. The PKK is committing ethnic cleansing."

Affirming that the protection of Turkmens is a matter of honor for Turkey, he said: "It is essential to take precautions against the unchecked influx of refugees and ongoing forced immigration caused by the U.S.-PKK alliance. No one will be able to risk Turkey's security. The so-called Kurdistan that lies between northern Iraq and the Mediterranean is like a chemical attack against Turkey. We will never allow it to be accomplished. This issue is of the highest order, it transcends parties and it is a matter of national security. People who are acting like the president of Syria or Egypt must immediately show the honor to protect Turkey's rights. There is no time for latency or delay. If Turkey does not break this siege, rupture and internal instability is inevitable."

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