Famous Kurdish musician calls on HDP to solve problems in Parliament

Published 17.11.2015 01:39

The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) should seek a solution for the Kurdish issue through its 59 deputies in Parliament, said famous Syrian Kurdish musician Ciwan Haco, adding that the bloodshed will not solve anything.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency during his visit to Iraqi-Kurdish peshmerga units that are fighting against DAESH in the Mahmur front near the Iraqi-Kurdish capital city of Irbil, Haco said he was paying one of his regular visits to the peshmergas and that he will be shooting a video clip for his latest song in Irbil.

The Kurdish singer said conflict and violence should come to an end, citing the National Unity and Brotherhood Project in Turkey. "The Kurdish problem should be solved amicably and democratically, without weapons. Kurds should acquire their rights in an atmosphere where there are no deaths," he added.

Ciwan Haco, 58, is a Kurdish singer born near Qamishlo in Syria. His grandfather was originally from Mardin, Turkey. Although his grandfather sided with the state, he was expelled and settled in Syria. But their Kurdish identity caused problems as their property was confiscated and they had to migrate to other countries. After finishing high school, he left for Germany to further his studies. Currently living in Germany, he studied music at the University of Bochum and previously resided in Sweden for three years.
A popular figure among the Kurdish diaspora as well as the Kurds of the Middle East, Haco has given concerts in many parts of Europe.

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