Gülenists targeted military judges and prosecutors with fake evidence, indictment claims

Published 19.11.2015 22:40

An indictment of a prosecutor who was in charge of a military espionage operation in İzmir alleges that Gülenist judges and prosecutors fabricated evidence and targeted military prosecutors and judges, especially those suspected of having ties to the Gülen Movement.

Last week a court in İzmir issued arrest warrants for the leader of the Gülen Movement, the fugitive imam Fettullah Gülen, for fabricating evidence for the military espionage investigation in İzmir. Police detained 44 suspected Gülenists who were involved in the military espionage operation. The indictment claims that military prosecutors and judges who were in charge of the Gülen Movement-linked case were targeted with fake evidence. The indictment also says these judges became suspects in the Gülenist-orchestrated Sledgehammer (Balyoz) case and were accused of perpetrating unsolved murders.

Accordingly, in Kayseri Col. Ahmet Zeki Üçok had been arrested in the Sledgehammer case. Also, Col. Taner Güçlü was put on trial in the military espionage case because he was trying to find secret letters that said: "We are under investigation, be careful." Col. Cengiz Şirin and Özcan Celep were arrested in the Sledgehammer case because they allegedly prevented an investigation into the "cosmic room" of the General Staff's Special Forces Command.

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