Turkey to promote unity for justice, peace during OIC presidency

Published 14.04.2016 21:29

Turkey is taking over the presidency of the Islamic Organization of Cooperation (OIC) today at the 13th Islamic Summit and will serve as the president of the summit for the next two years.

The Istanbul Islamic Summit, titled "Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace," seeks to promote joint Islamic action and upgrade the assigned OIC role in the regional and international arenas as one of the main priorities of the Turkish presidency. Moreover, the adoption of the new 10-year plan for 2015-2025, a strategic vision with specific priorities in the areas of peace and security, the fight against terrorism and extremism, the humanitarian aspects, human rights, support for development, poverty alleviation, eradication of infectious diseases and the rights of women, youth, children and families in the Islamic world. In addition, higher education, science, technology and cultural exchange between OIC member states are other topics that will be addressed during the Istanbul summit.

Among other issues, the question of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, emphasizing the OIC role and support for Palestine on all levels, along with the international efforts to re-launch a collective political process according to a specific timetable that includes an end to the Israeli occupation will be discussed at the summit. During this summit, the recent incidents at Al-Aqsa Mosque and incidents that took place in Palestine in general will be discussed in detail. The resolution on "The Palestinian Cause and Jerusalem" calls for ending the Israeli occupation, for realizing a two-state solution and for an independent Palestinian state.

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